What isworm food?

Cavetown’s brand new album out November 4th!

When will the UK tour be?

All dates and cities for the 2023 Cavetown UK tour are listed here: https://www.cave.town/shows

How do I get early access to the 2023 UK tour?

You will need to either be a part of Cave Club (https://club.cave.town/) or you can pre-order the new album on CD or cassette to gain access to pre-sale tickets. (https://www.cave.town/store)

When is the presale starting for the 2023 UK tour?

September 15th 10am BST

When will the general sale be available for the 2023 UK tour?

September 16th 10am BST

Do I need to be a part of Cave Club AND pre-order the album to get presale access?

No, there is no need to do both. If you are a member of Cave Club you will receive presale access to tickets via a password sent to your email. If you would like to also pre-order a CD or cassette, this will mean you will receive the same invite to the pre-sale. You can do both, or just one.

How will I receive access to the ticket presale?

If you are in Cave Club, we will send you an email with all the information about the pre-sale as well as announcing it in the Discord server once they are available.

If you pre-order a CD or cassette, you will be emailed the password for the pre-sale when they are available.

Why should I pre-order the album?

Pre-ordering the new album ‘worm food’ will help support Cavetown and will also mean you will receive it once it has been released (November 4th). If you order a bundle containing a CD or cassette tape within the first 1000 orders, you will receive a flexi with the singles either ‘1994’ and ‘Fall in Love with a Girl’ (red version), or ‘Frog’ and ‘Wasabi’ (green version) on it.

How do I know if I will get a flexi?

If you are within the first 1000 orders of a bundle, the flexi will show up in your cart at checkout.

If I pre-order the album and other merchandise in my order, when will I receive it?

If you make an order with multiple products in it that also include the CD or cassette tape you will not receive any of your order until after November 4th. This is because this is when ‘worm food’ releases and we will not be able to ship your order until then.

How do I get my order before November 4th?

If you are ordering other merchandise items and also a CD or cassette tape you will have to put them through as separate orders (ie. one order for your merch and a separate order for a CD or cassette tape). This means we can send them out separately and you will get your merch before November 4th. (You will still not receive your CD or cassette tape until then.)